We bring talent to you

The Talent Corp was created in 2010 by a group of models, marketing people, coaches and photographers that believe in delivering quality models to the leading clients in the US. We believe that key concepts such as training and quality management are essential to match the brands of our clients.

The Talent Corp has a special eye for spotting talent and not least the skills to develop it. We are committed to bringing talent to you and we are excited about documenting to other clients how we have done it in the past.

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Before and after ...

9.06.2010 | 34 Comments

Part of the success is to make sure you know that our models will be at the right place and in time. We have developed an automatic delivery process where the models the day before, 1 hour before and at time of arrivel confirm their attendance. We also follow up to makes sure that the girls stay until the agreed time and make sure they get home safe. All of this is automated and gives us the option to mitigate any risks and give you the confidenced you deserve.

Do we agree?

9.01.2010 | 16 Comments

Our goal is to make sure that you got the service you expected. We have developed an automated process that requires the girl to rate service on 'arriving in a timely manner', 'product placement delivery', 'our clients customers satiesfaction with the service', 'communication'. This rating is forward to our client after each event and we kindly ask you to confirm. Any discrepancies will be used to improve the service in the future and also make it possible for us to provide our talent with additional training. '.